So Long 5TH Grade

The most important thing i learned is chess. My favorite project was BEST MOM EVAR IN HISTORY! I was most surprised how fast the year went. The thing i dislike the most is rain from making the recess too wet so we had to talk inside!

GS4 Project Reflection

I thought we did amazing ,but our classmate thought we did fairly not god but not bad.So im okay with how i did and how my peers said i did.

Joseph Bradley Varnum senior

In the Continental Army he worked as a general was an American legislator in the war entered the war age 27 died age 40 Joseph Bradley Varnum senior appointed major general resigned his commission at 31 He was appointed i Rhode Island militia Joesph Varnum was a...

1931 Jackie Defeats Babe Ruth And Lou Gehrig

Jackie a 17 yer old girl defeats  Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in baseball.A pitcher Jackie  Throws the ball at babe Ruth and he strikes this happens two more time then Babe Ruth is out. Babe Ruth stomps away raging and throws his bat on the ground. Next is Lou Gehrig is...

TAX Activity

We did a activity about taxs, and used green mints as “money”. a few taxs were about genetics , and a some we about the cloths we were wearing.Finally our teacher told us this was a reenactment  of the olden days. I learned taxs are annoying .

2014-2015 moments of the past and future

2014 On Christmas my family got a black 32 GB Wii u that had Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land. On Mario 3D World it had gorgeous vivid colors and great graphics. Nintendo Land has great aspects because it can be solo,a team, or competitive match. 2015 I hope i can get...
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