Beep! Beep! Beep! Go! It inaugurated before I knew what hit me.
” Andrew! Celub!” Screamed Amr “Let’s go to Mrs.Brantleys room I heard that she brought Mario Kart Wii and a handful of other games.” Then Celub and I follow Amr to Mrs.Brantleys room.
2 Minutes later of playing around as the time lingers while waiting for a seat so we can play Mario Kart Wii.
“YES” I screeched because I got Donkey Kong before anyone else ,but no one knew that so they all looked at me as if I am The Predator ready to pounce.
At last the race was about to start. 3-2-1 Go! It started and I was having the time of my life. I wasn’t just playing the game I was living in it. First lap passed and I’m in 6th place and I had a blue shell. Boom! It landed and I got in 4th place.Now it’s the second lap and I holding the B button as concentrated as possible so I can get faster than Luigi because he is right next to me. “Final Lap” the TV announced as I got three red shells. Right then I used ’em all ,and everyone in front of me swerved right behind me then I turned the corner and I can see the finish line in view then right then Amr say this!”I feel sorry for whoever is in first place.” I got demolished by a blue shell right before the finish line .While I listened to all the zooms as they all passed me in one fell swoop I could feel the horrid gargantuan 12th place. Alas, it was a great game and I had an extraordinary time ,but inside I was a raging dragon throwing up lava while inside I was trying to act like a perfect angel.

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